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We use top-quality compost materials that are chemical-free and extensively processed.

Commercial Composting

We deliver your compost to your commercial ranch or farm, available in small or bulk quantities.

Residential Composting

We partner with each client to select the perfect residential compost for their yard, lawn or project.

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Centrally Located in Amarillo, TX

Amigos Compost, based in Amarillo, TX, is the premier compost company serving the entire northern Texas area. We process, deliver, and spread quality organic compost for commercial clients. Amigos Compost also partners with residential clients on selecting the best compost for their lawn, yard or project; and then providing guidance on how best to apply and spread their compost!

Because of the quality of our compost, it can be used on a variety of soil types, from lawns and small gardens, to larger properties, such as high-volume ranches and farms. Available in small and bulk quantities, our compost is never bagged to ensure freshness and effectiveness.
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The Amigos Compost Difference

Our high-quality, organic compost is created from a mixture of pure organic materials, including moistened and mixed cow manure. After mixing, our compost goes through an extensive decomposition process, ensuring its nutrient content and added fresh advantage. Benefits of using organic compost from Amigos Compost include having a chemical-free soil foundation for lawns and gardens, erosion prevention, enhanced lawn or crop growth, and easy, spreadable application.

*Left side compost applied; right side no compost

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